The potency of Condoms in Lessening HIV Transmission

Employing condoms is a method to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs). These types of infections include HIV and syphilis. It’s also a good way to prevent unintentional pregnancy.

There are many main reasons why people don’t use condoms. For instance, these people may not realize they’re off limits or they could not want to end up being in an unprotected sex situation. Nevertheless, the good reports is that making use of condoms can always be simple effective.

Condoms are made from thin plastic or latex. That they become an actual barrier, which helps prevent sperm from hitting an egg. Additionally, they contain a lubrication and spermicide. 오나홀 will should be applied before the penile touches the vagina.

A report on the effectiveness of condoms in reducing HIV transmission among heterosexuals found that condom use was connected with a lower risk of establishing HIV. Specifically, condom use was a lot more common among teenagers who were knowledgeable about HIV.

Typically the study was carried out by the Public well-being Service and the US Department associated with Into the Human Services. It absolutely was published found in the Healthy Individuals 2000 report. The report included some sort of commentary. It discovered that teenagers who else were sexually energetic, particularly those who else participate in nonsexual chance behaviors, were even more likely to find HIV.

The study used a list of questions to get information upon condom use. The particular participants were generally well-educated and high-income. The questionnaire also asked these to rate their confidence in using condoms in numerous situations.

The research found that the particular probability of any girl being certain about using a condom in a given situation was small. Nevertheless , the chances of being specific about using a condom in additional situations was large.g

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