With what dose in the event you take Viagra?

How to take this medicine? This specific question concerns every single man. You can not abuse this drug, as well as the maximum dose is usually 100 mg each day, no more. If a person provides previously suffered a myocardial infarction, endures from kidney and liver diseases and is also over 65 years of age, then the dosage probably should not exceed twenty five mg.

Due to be able to the fact of which this drug encourages increased blood circulation, the dose ought to not be increased in people together with hypertension. more as compared to 25 mg. With regard to most men, fifty mg is enough to obtain maximum impact.

Viagra for adult men must be used with water, normally the pill is definitely absorbed much even more slowly into the blood vessels. It also contributes to the consumption involving large amounts regarding food. But you ought to know that this particular drug will not help some men. Many of these a slow result is observed within people suffering from erectile dysfunction.


Although Viagra is regarded as an effective medication that is certainly well tolerated by body, it also has some contraindications that must become considered before using it. According in 비아그라 구매 to the instructions, like tablets cannot end up being used for the next diseases:

heart attack, heart stroke;
heart failure;
persistent course of leukemia;
angina pectoris;
arterial thrombosis;
cellular anemia;
anatomical deformity with the penis.

These diseases cannot be ignored, because as the result of some sort of careless attitude in order to health, dangerous implications often arise that will can cause the death from the sufferer.

Viagra ought not to be obtained with medicines that contain nitrates. Also, you can not blend the pill with drug treatments that treat angina pectoris. Combining Potenztabletten with drugs that contain nitric oxide donors can cause a strong decrease in stress. Also, you are unable to take the drug when you are hypersensitive to its pieces.

Viagra is designed only for men, that is forbidden for women to work with it, as significant hormonal imbalances will be possible.g

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